Custom Wood Trusses

wood trusses on ground at capital truss

Wood Trusses for Residential and Commercial Projects

When you partner with Capital Truss for your building projects, you’ll build smarter and better with our wood trusses. Whether you are building a home, a shop, a large apartment complex, or a commercial establishment, we’re committed to being your trusted source for well-engineered wood trusses in Northwest Arkansas and the surrounding states.

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Roof Trusses

We are able to custom build a wide variety of roof trusses, engineered to your project specs.

floor trusses on trailer

Floor Trusses

Like our roof trusses, our floor trusses can be designed and built to your projects unique needs.

roof trusses on trailer for delivery

Delivery Services

When your trusses are built, we’ll schedule a day for delivery and bring them to your jobsite.

Our Engineered Wood Trusses

shop photo capital truss custom trussess
  • Built to your project specs
  • Commercial and residential projects
  • Heavy Duty Plates from Eagle Metal Products
  • All Trusses made from #1 lumber or MSR 2400 Southern Yellow Pine
  • Truss Sizes available up to 90′ long
  • We’ll deliver to your jobsite
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